Adult Humor Guide - How To Use Adult and Dirty Memes, Jokes and Gifs to spice things up

Friday, April 16, 2021

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Not everybody is into adult humor, whether that is crass or subtle.  Still, the most creative and intellectual personalities are known to throw in a dirty joke or two, and get away from judging eyes and self-righteous cries of indignation.

What is adult humor?

Adult humor falls in two categories: kinky, toilet jokes that are considered crass, and double entendre, which is your sexy, sophisticated — and French! — equivalent of kinky one-liners. There is an art in the latter, and the one giving out double entendre must be smart enough to engage an equally smart audience.

An example would be Mel Brooks’ dirty joke about premature ejaculation as a god, but which would now be “coming quickly”. It would be difficult to admonish anyone dishing out this kind of joke since the person can use the original, nonsexual meaning to defend his piece.

On the other hand, scientists have found out crude comedy is generally accepted in society for as long as it does not hurt anyone or anything. Sex as fodder for jokes is popular – quite the norm, even – because sex in itself has a safe mental distance from violence and violation, thus making adult humor quotes and memes harmless and laughable. However, a prudent audience may not agree.

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How to Be Good at Adult Humor

Modern psychology says sex quotes and pictures are funny and attractive to women (and men, of course). So the best way to improve on your dirty, kinky language is to be comfortable in kinky language first.

Be confident in sharing adult memes and funny dirty gifs

Shy and conservative people struggle with making a dirty joke because they think they CANNOT deliver one. Their lack of confidence already ruins their performance even before it has begun! A change of perspective and mentality can help you work your way towards green humor.

For example, you have to be in your element whenever you plan to quip sex jokes. As the humorist, you need to know what you’re doing and saying. Be all smiles, and show confidence in your gestures.

Spruce up your vocabulary and stash of perfectly timed NSFW photos

Second, build your vocabulary of kinks. Here are two fool-proof ways to do it: 1) You use your linguistic abilities to create the joke; and 2) to find the best adult and dirty memes on the Internet. Of the two, the latter is easier.

Begin with dirty jokes. Melanie Berliet of Thought Catalog rounded up some of the funniest and raunchiest jokes circulating cyberspace and dating circles.

  • How do you know the difference between a golf ball and a G-spot? A guy will look for the golf ball – and find it!
  • What do pussies and the Mafia have in common? One slip of the tongue and you’re in big trouble.
  • A lick-a-lotta-puss is a lesbian dinosaur.
  • What do saggy boobs need the most? A lot of support.
  • What is the only thing that lies between 6.9? A period.

January Nelson, a contributor to the same website, had his own share of adult jokes. 

  • What happened to Cinderella when she got to the ball? She choked.
  • A burger joint sells two services: a burger for $5, and a hand job for $10. A man walked into the joint and asked a busty blonde, “Are you the one giving hand jobs?” The server purred “yes”. “Well, wash your hands,” he said. “Make me a cheeseburger.”

These are your starting points, and you can modify them. You can also look for or create naughty quotes images, like this one:

Try funny adult jokes and memes

Aside from funny, dirty jokes, you can also look for dirty funny memes and adult gif. 

Dirty mind memes, like sex quotes and pictures, spice up any relationship. Memes are graphics and text created through a meme generator using a given template. These adult memes are then published online and shared in social media.

Some funny kinky memes have not escaped the interest of the modern man and woman. When you need instant passion in your life, you can send sexual innuendo memes to your partner.

Sex joke memes are also a good conversation starter. Some people find cheesy pick-up lines corny, and thus prefer reading and hearing dirty jokes. Not only will you sound witty, but you’ll also get to tickle your partner – or potential hottie’s – funny bone.

Choose funny nasty memes that are truly laugh-out-loud. Next, the memes have to be suggestive. This means your joke or meme must be FUNNY and SEXY at the same time. It should invite the reader to see you and get into bed with you. It should turn your partner on.

Some tips:

  • Balance sexiness and subtlety. 
  • Excite them with a nude pic joke.
  • Stroke their ego...and more.
  • Give your partner an idea how much you want him/her?
  • Take advantage of double entendre and how it can confuse your partner (and eventually lure your partner to bed)
  • Give your partner a little tease.
  • Use funny dirty memes to show you’re in the mood.
  • Send sexting Gifs and crude humor memes according to the current season and turn them to your advantage.

An example of the last bullet is a dirty Halloween meme. You can send a dirty Halloween and inspire your partner to be in costume for foreplay and sex. Seasons and themes likewise provide more material and wider room for witty comebacks and dirty conversations.

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Adult Gifs are Fun, too

To add to your arsenal of sexy jokes, you can look for adult GIFs, or graphic interface format. These are images that move or video clips that have been converted into a smaller and shareable format.

Most porn sites have a stash of adult humor GIFs; “safe” websites usually censor them. To unlock more kinky GIFs through your Gboard app using your Android and iOS phones, install the NSFW Gboard, activate the module, and reboot your system. Voila! Start searching for adult GIFs.


Taboo or not, sexy and dirty adult memes can elevate a boring conversation and relationship into a more interesting affair. Spice up your evenings with adult humor, an “accidentally” sent kinky meme or Gif, or a well-said sex quote. Your partner will surely not let you go after this, and your night will be unforgettable.

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