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Friday, April 16, 2021

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What is flirting?

Casual flirting is definitely not cheating. Just like eating and breathing, interacting with other humans is embedded in our systems. It is natural for humans to further develop their personal relationships into a romantic one. However, this process usually doesn’t happen overnight.

Most romantic relationships begin with flirting. Flirting is defined as a type of social behavior that utilizes oral, written, or body language as a way to playfully show interest in another individual.

This following will cover the different styles of flirting, how to flirt, where to flirt, and determinants of someone’s interest in you.

Styles of Flirting

Everyone has their own way of dealing with someone they find attractive. Some people are out and open with how they feel.

Others are timid but can hold up a conversation.

Some people are outright flirting experts who know how to flirt with a girl or guy.

However, two researchers (Chong Xing and Jeffrey Hall) from the University of Kansas have come up with five various flirting methods according to the five basic mindsets.

The Playful Flirt

For these types of people, hitting on someone comes as a natural skill to them. Since flirting is a gesture that is taken at a casual level, these people find it as second nature. I've heard people with sagittarius sign fit this profile perfectly. These people are naturally charismatic and often use their sense of humor as a way to flirt.

Because of their whimsical behavior, they may not even notice they were flirting in the first place. However, there are also people under this category who use flirting as a “leisure activity.” Though flirting may be fun, it is important that you don’t send mixed signals towards the other person.

The Polite Flirt

Not all people are vocal and confident about their feelings. People who fall under the polite flirt category are almost the complete opposite of those who are playful. These people are more composed and distant, regardless of how interested they are in you.

It is usually close to impossible to tell whether they’re into you because they tend to admire a person at a low key level.

The Sincere Flirt

Identified as the most common variation of flirting, the sincere flirt is described as wanting to get to know more about someone who interests you. Physical attraction is often a big factor in this kind of flirting since it is what draws a person’s attention.

Sincere flirters often try to break the ice by trying to find something they have in common with the person of interest. From that point on, they try to get to know more about a person. Though things don’t always work out romantically, these people tend to transform failed relationships to great friendships.

The Traditional Flirt

In this style of flirting, gender stereotypes come into play. Men are expected to initiate the first move, whereas women have to wait for their “Prince Charming.”

Society has become more modernized and has become more lenient towards male and female roles. However, traditional flirting can still be commonly spotted among dating applications. Most of these sites have men pick which women interest them, and it’s up to the woman to accept or decline their offer.

The Physical Flirt

Individuals who fall under this category tend to communicate their interest in another person through the use of body language. These people tend to express their emotions nonverbally rather than verbally. Easy indicators to spot if a person is into you is by how often they smile and how long they maintain eye contact.

Physical flirters will often find themselves touching the person of interest. Sometimes, they may not even mean to do it on purpose.

Though there are five different styles of flirting, it is possible for someone to use more than one variation.

How to Flirt

Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a natural instinct to flirt. However, flirting is a skill that can be developed through the use of guides, advice, and practice. 

The following section of this article will describe what moves you’ll be able to apply to your next flirtatious encounter.

Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is the best way to capture someone’s attention. When it comes to flirting, you want to be caught looking in their direction. However, you shouldn’t stare at them for too long, or they may feel uncomfortable. Don’t forget to smile, then look away slowly.

You can also try to incorporate it with a wink to keep things more playful.

Smile A Lot

Smiles are a form of subtle flirting. According to an article published in the Daily Mail UK, people seem more attractive and healthier while smiling. Smiles become incredibly attractive when they are genuine since they tend to light up the entire face.

Strike up conversation  

Despite whoever tries to make the first move, you should introduce yourself and also keep track of their name. To keep the conversation flowing smoothly, you should make small observations on potential topics. Finding common interests is a great way to keep you both interested. Compliments are also a good example of flirty things to say.

Be mindful of how they react to certain topics. If they respond negatively, find another topic to discuss. Assuming that you are flirting with someone you just met, you should avoid getting too personal.

Keep the environment playful and don’t be afraid to break the touch barrier. Small gestures, such as touching arms without pulling away, are a great way to show your interest in them. You can even try some popular pick-up lines for flirting to lighten things up and show your interest in other person. 

Where to Flirt

No matter which town you go to, there are always going to be places that appeal to singles. If you’re looking for a place to practice quick flirts, it is recommended that you go to another town to avoid awkward encounters.

Flirting at Bar

Although it is commonly frowned upon, it has been proven that alcohol can help one’s flirting, especially when it tends to make people say flirty jokes. Singles also have a tendency to hang around places that encourage drinking.

When going out, it is important to pay attention to where the person you’re interested in is sitting. Individuals who are sitting alone are more likely to continue a conversation with you rather than a person at a private table.

Flirting In School

Though schools are meant to teach students about academics, they are a great place to find potential “flirt mates”. Not only do others have similar lifestyles to yours, but you’ll be able to interact with them daily in hope of developing a connection. It's much easier to tell if a girl or guy is into you as most classmates are connected to each other. 

Using mutual classes/instructors, friends, or clubs is great grounds for maintaining a conversation with someone you like.

Flirting at Gym

If you find interest in working out, the gym is a recommendable place to find someone who feels the same way. At the same time, you’ll be able to encourage each other to achieve body goals.

Flirting at Party

Parties are a great way to get to know more people. A general rule of thumb when attending parties is that you need to be social with other people. By attending a party, you’ll be able to use the party host as a common topic with others.


I hope this guide has given you enough tips to learn and brush up on your flirting skills. Now go out there and start flirting with a partner of your choice. 

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Happy flirting!

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